R#6 "Use of an implicitly declared...", with Javascript, ASP.NET web methods

Hey folks,

I'm looking at a Warning in JS files that looks like:

"Use of an implicitly declared global variable 'X'".

In some code that looks like:

"new X.example().webMethod(arg1, arg2, successCallback, failureCallback);"

Where X is the namespace of an ASMX web service, which is eventually calling an ASP.NET web method. I like the warning, but I'm wondering if there is a good way to _explicitly_ declare that I know this variable is coming from an external file. One thread I read on these forums was talking about the JQuery "$" and how you could add a file reference, but because these web method proxies are automatically generated I don't have a good way of getting at the JS code for them.

Any thoughts?


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