Custom Type Member Layout with Region for Abstract methods


I am using R# 4.0 and especially like the Code Cleanup feature with type member layout. I tried to customize the patterns to have different regions for Overridden and Abstract methods. For Overridden methods its working now (wasn't working in the beta though), but there is no region created for Abstract methods, these methods end up in the following general "Instance Methods" region.

The Entry definition looks like this:

I also made sure that the following general "Instance Methods" entry contains a but still not working. Seems like the element is not recognized correctly as it also doesn't work below a ]]> element in other entries.

So is this really a bug or am I missing something here ?

One last question: Is there a .xsd schema file available somewhere for the Layout patterns XML. This would make it much easier to edit that file with Intellisense in VS.

Thank you for your help,



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