Lightswitch 2011

I'm using the JetBrains ReSharper 6.0 package and for Lightswitch 2011 projects reshaper and intellisense does not work even after I  (1) tried set Reshaper intellisense options to use only Visual studio 2010. And (2) I suspended reshaper,and restarted vs 2010.   Still no luck with Lightswitch intellisense, but for my trouble, after suspending Reshaper, I found that VS intellisense also stopped working on other project types ( Console apps etc. )  and my workaround was to "resume" reshaper.  I'm not sure where to go from here??

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I have learned that Lightswitch is not supported by Resharper.  However, (for some reason??) after suspending Resharper with Lightswitch I needed to go into VS and reset the text editor to use regular VS intellisense     Tools – Options – Text Editor – All Languages – General and select ( assure check mark appears)  Auto List Members and Parameter Information.


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