Re: "No tests found in file" since upgrade to R#6

Hello Simon,

Do you see the xUnit plug-in under ReSharper | Options | Plugins? Thank you!

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I just bought dotCover 1.1 and the C# upgrade for ReSharper 6 (I had
5.1 on my machine already).

Installed dotCover. All tests ran fine.

Installed R#6 Upgrade (letting the install remove previous versions).

I use xUnit and was already running latest version (1.8) so did
nothing there.

Downloaded and installed latest xUnitContrib plugin and followed
instructions for its manual install (copy 1 folder, 1 file to
appropriate resharper folders and 1 other file which is then mounted
in resharper itself).

Started VS2010 and loaded solution.

No test icons in the gutter of a unit test class file.

Trying to run tests from resharper or right clicking the unit test
file gives a messagebox with 'No tests in file'.

Can someone tell me what I have missed?

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