Agent Smith features as core product


Has JetBrains considered implementing some of the features of the Agent Smith plugin core product features? In particular I'm interested in comment spell checking and the expansion of class/parameter references in XML documentation into <see ...> references?

These both seem like universally useful additions. Also the API changes in R#6 are so far-reaching that it's unlikely we'll end up with a new version of the plugin as far as i can see (I tried doing it myself and some things are just gone with no API documentation as to how to replace them - nightmare!).

Anyway - would be good to get these features back somehow.



I totally agree with you. I miss the spell checker a lot. Hoping R# 6.1 will get one.


missing the spellchecker too :(

here is some feature request for this


spellchecker is the most useless function i can imagine. I am working with a code editor and not with a word processor. If you have to build an API help file for a professional product you normally will have editors which revise the text you have written.

Don't misunderstand me, documentation is important, but my opinion ist that R#'s functionality should concentrates on code. When you think about a spellchecker in a professional product you have to consider localization. For me as a german user which usually write comments in german an english spellchecker would not be useful.



The spell check in agent smith (and I'd hope resharper) doesn't just work in comments tho - it'll check identifiers and string literals as well. It's a good way of checking that your writing code that other people will understand. Also checking string literals stops you showing embarrassing messages to users and can sometimes mean picking up code mistakes (eg mistakes in calls to PropertyChanged events.

re localisation: all the spell checkers I've seen for visual studio support multiple languages (including agent smith) - I would hope that a native resharper one would too...


Not quite, people and small companies alike are delivering professional products yet they don't necessarily have technical writers/editors to do the documentation.

Most people I know write their comment in english rather than their own mother tongue.

Besides, spellchecking can do much more than just checking for comments although I realise this is a major feature and I'm not quite sure JetBrains is ready for that.


Hi Klaus,

I'm German too and currently we write our comments in german and our names of classes, methods etc. are in english. AgentSmith spell checking does check comments and also the names of classes, methods etc. and supports multiple dictionaries. I find it really usefulle to prevent wrong spelled english words which may be visible to customers in export files oder configuration files.
It may be not such a great feature for everyone but I feel a little bit naked without it currently. I hope at least someone can pick this feature up no matter if it is JetBrains oder the author of AgentSmith.



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