ReSharper 6.0 Test Session Hangs


I have an issue where the test session hangs and am wondering if anyone has had the same problem? I have attached a project which illustrates the problem. I am using NBehave and NUnit as the test frameworks.

I have not found out if it is reproducable on other machines so it would also be great if anyone could verify that they experience the same behaviour. I have commented out the line which makes the test runner hang. Simply include this line to (try to) reproduce.

    public class When_factoring
        public void Should_factor_one()
            1.Primes().ShouldEqual(new List<int>());

        // [TestCase(1, new int[0])] this is to delete the first duplicate test which runs ok on its own. Uncomment it and the resharper test runner session will hang.
        [TestCase(2, new[]{2})]
        [TestCase(3, new[]{3})]
        [TestCase(4, new[]{2, 2})]
        [TestCase(6, new[]{2, 3})]
        [TestCase(8, new[]{2, 2, 2})]
        [TestCase(9, new[]{3, 3})]
        [TestCase(2*3*5*7*11*13, new[]{2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13})]
        [TestCase(int.MaxValue, new[]{int.MaxValue})]
        public void Should_factor(int number, int[] expected)

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I have tested your solution and it seems to work fine on my machine... :)

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It doesn't crash my VS2010 but it does show a bug because the Unit Test Sessions windows is showing it as "Should_factor(1,System.Object)".

Changing it to "[TestCase(1, new int[] {})]" correctly shows "Should_factor(1, System.Int32[])" in the windows to match the others.



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