Problem with RS6 displaying errors.

Chaps, attached screenshot shows a wierd problem I'm now getting. I was given a new pc yesterday. I've reformatted it, loaded win7, vs2008 and rs6, etc, etc.

I open my solution. As you can see in the screenshot, rs is complaining about errors. Last week, this was never a problem. I've not changed any code at all so I'm puzzled why rs is flagging errors now. If I change the code to the suggested changes rs removes the so-called "errors" but when I compile the solution, vs2008 throws up loads of compilation errors. In other words, I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if don't change the code. Could someone explain why I'm getting this sort of false-positive?

Can I suppress the error display? This part of the code has not changed in over a year so it's confusing me why rs is barking at it now. I suppose I might have some default setting in rs' configuration that's causing it but I've no way of knowing as I don't have a copy of my original xml file containing the previous settings.

Comments appreciated.

Andrey Serebryansky
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Hello Peter,

Have you tried clearing ReSharper caches (close Visual Studio and delete
ReSharper.<solutionname> subfolder of your solution folder)? Thank you!

Andrey Serebryansky
Senior Support Engineer
JetBrains, Inc
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Test. Will edit shortly..

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Thanks, Andrey. Deleting the cache folder seems to have "fixed" the problem.


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