Suggestion: Design of the File Structure window

I'm evaluating R# since some days and while reading through the online documentation I found the file structure window. After trying it out for a while, I think it's really a great feature and essential for me, especially when looking at older code (which I do very often).

So I'd like to keep it open permanently, but IMHO it takes too much space in horizontal direction. I'd like to make some proposals and ask for opionons about them:

  1. There are a lot of "columns" which have hardly any information but take a lot of horizontal space: One for collapsing regions, one for collapsing types, one for the type icon. I propose to use nested collapsable group boxes instead of a tree view. The title of these boxes could contain the same information as the tree view item, but wouldn't force such a wide indentation of the child items.
  2. There's a gap between member icon and name. It seems that space is reserved for icons showing information about interface implementations or overriding members. For the vast majority of the members im my code, there's nothing to display. That's why I would like to have an option to hide these icons and have the space used by the member name.
  3. I'd like to use a narrower font go get more information visible.
  4. The highlight background color is hardly distinguishable from the tree view background, so I'd like to have the possibility to adjust the colors.
  5. A nice to have feature would be to have a filter text box below the toolbar to allow quick searching.

How do others think about that? Are there already some configuration options to adjust the file structure window?


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