Use Resharper 6.1 with Typemock 5.1


We have a large solution with many NUnit tests using Typemock As Typemock is making it very hard to upgrade to a new version we are stuck using exactly this version. In Visual Studio we are using Resharper and running the NUnit tests with the integrated Resharper functionality. This has worked nicely with VS2008 and Resharper 5 but since we upgraded to VS2010 using Resharper 6.0.2202.688 Typemock is no longer loaded when the NUnit tests are run. As I understand this is an incompatibility between the (old) Typemock version and either VS2010 or Resharper 6.

For this reason we are currently using the NUnit GUI to run our tests. The GUI is launched using TMockRunner.exe so Typemock is loaded correctly. This scenario does work but is much less confortable than using the built in Resharper functionality.

Because of that I would like to know if there is any workaround to integrate TypeMock 5 into Resharper 6 / VS2010? I was hoping that Resharper would allow me to configure the command used to start the NUnit tests as this way I could easily configure it also using TMockRunner.exe but I can only see a Path as configuration option. Is there a way to change the command? Can I plug in a "custom test runner"? Any other ideas?

Info: I also posted this topic at the Typemock forum.

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