Right Click Menus gone in R# 6.1


I've just noticed that the right click menu entries in source code files for resharper seem to be missing after installing R# 6.1. I've tried:

- Uprgrading the verisons of dotCover and dotTrace
- Removing dotCover and dotTrace completely
- Removing the Resharper 6.1 SDK
- Repairing the resharper install
- Removing and reinstalling Resharper
- Disabiling all other extensions
- Using the settings manager to reset all my settings
- Manually deleting all the jetbrains folders out of my user profile (eg: AppData\<local/roaming ...>\JetBrains
- Deleting all the resharper files out of my solution directories.

and still nothing :(

Any more suggestions on how to fix this?


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This turned out to be an issue caused by the work I was doing on the AgentSmith plugin. It was pointed out that I can use the "import settings" tool in Visual Studio to reload the menus and toolbars and then the menus came back.

The issue was caused by the following in the Actions.xml of the plugin:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <insert group-id="VS#Code Window" position="last">
    <action id="AgentSmith.SmartPaste" text="Smart Paste" shortcut="Shift+Alt+Insert">
      <vs-shortcut>Control+S P</vs-shortcut>

This seemed to work in R# 5.1 plugins. Not sure what's wrong with it in R#6.1
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Ah - cool - had missed that page.

Seems like the <vs-shortcut>Control+S P</vs-shortcut> line might be the problem - i'll try removing that.


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