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Hello Scott,

Sorry for delayed response! We'll be releasing ReSharper 6 SDK soon, but
I can't give estimates at the moment.

Andrey Serebryansky
Senior Support Engineer
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

I must be blind because I just can't find this mythical SDK that this
page speaks of:


I would really like these item templates and the test infrastructure.
Is the SDK available somewhere?

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Is the 6.0 SDK out yet?

Really, what I would like to do is to use the cyclomatic complexity power tool on R# 6.0. I can find the source code which is supposed to have been upgraded to 6.0. (Well, even to 6.1 but the StyleCop plugin does not support 6.1 RTM so I cannot use that(?))

I thought that one way to get the cyclomatic complexity power tool on R# 6.0 would be to get the source code and compile it myself. howeHver, without the API I cannot even do that:-(.

R# is great, but I really miss the plugins after each upgrade!




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