I have VSCommands and R#. You can disable the color feature in VSCommands so you won't have a conflict here.
I use it since August 2010 and had no serious issues due conflicting features ever. (Knocks on wood)
You can disable a lot of the features via a simple checkbox and you can also define the colors used by some features via the options dialog. It is very user friendly from my point of view.

XML/XAML Highlighting and TODO, HACK etc. coloring are the other features where you should take a look at. At least to adjust the colors if you use a darker theme^^

There latest "killer" feature the code block end tagger is also working fine with resharper.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards,


I have VSCommands Pro and latest R# and there is no conflict. I didin't even disabled any of the features.. everything works fine :)


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