Move refactoring failed

I just tried to do move refactoring - moving about 40 methods from one class to another new class using copy and paste. The goal was move all validation method into another class. part of them were static and public, part of them only private.
The move refactoring failed with accessibility problems (I was just clicking next, next in the dialog)

First thing, R# should try to make methods static/public if possible
Second thing, several of my methods ended after the refactoring with strange names like:

private ProvisioningConfigurationUsage ValidateConfigurationUsage1588786160(string usage)
private int ValidateApplicableCU1427801814(string applicableCU, ICUManagement cuManagement)
private MapOUInfo ValidateApplicableOU997609984(string applicableOU, IOUIdMapping ouIdMapping)

I guess R# adds random number sufix during the refactoring, but it should remove those numbers at the end of the process. This is surely unwanted behavior.
Tested with R# 6.1
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Hello Martin
     Thank you for reporting this problem! Are you able to reproduce this behavior on a small sample solution?

Andrey Serebryansky

Senior Support Engineer

JetBrains, Inc

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