Renaming always canceled

I want to refactor a method's name in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with ReSharper installed. But it always failed.

The method is used in multiple files.

First step is good. I can select Rename overloads or not, and also enable Undo.

Second step to enter new name, select whether to search in texts, also good.

Then I click "Next", it displays a box with progress bar very quickly, and then says "User canceled".

I did nothing to change the default settings of ReSharper, can anyone help me out?

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Hello Shane
     Could you please check if this happens with any symbol in any solution? Does this happen with other refactorings (such as Change Signature) as well? Thank you!

Andrey Serebryansky

Senior Support Engineer

JetBrains, Inc

"Develop with pleasure!"

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Thank you for the reply, man.

I am still in 30 days trial. I have let my IT to ask for a quote since I am an IDEA user and just moved to this new company using c# and I hope that can get approved. Visual studio's shortcuts and refactorings suck.

I've found why: the files are just checked out from repository and is thus locked as readonly. Then I unlock them one by one and the refactoring passes immediately.

This is not comfortable, to do all this "Overwrite itself manually", and weird since it provides the choice to open all the modified files and I think I could decide whether to overwrite them when saving, but not.


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