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I've gone to a great extent creating an automated build from an open source solution, source indexing the resulting PDB's and then have them reference the sources from TeamCity, as used for that build. I publish the source code within the artifacts, so I have a url to the source. Technically, I could also point it to the Git repo, but I want to make this more generic for future use.

Now, I'm trying to debug the solution that references the above-built assemblies. This works pretty well when debugging and F11-ing into the functions. It automagically loads source files (C#).

When I try to navigate through the source with Re# however, I run into 2 different scenario's.

(1) if one of the pdb's is within my bin folder. Trying to load something from it, results in:

     PdbNavigator: Searching for 'MyType' type sources in C:\Development\ThirdParty\MyAssembly.pdb

     PdbNavigator: No sources found in debugging information for 'MyType' in assembly 'MyAssembly, Version=x.x.x.x, Culture=neutral'

(2) For the pdb's that do not reside in the bin folder, Re# merely advertises the second line, so doesn't seem to bother about the symbol servers paths.

Because I can debug the code, I do not think source indexing went wrong. Maybe you can give me some pointers about this?

Also note that the pdb's contains the local path of our build server for the sources, but its HTTP_EXTRACT_TARGET constructs a url pointing to our build server.
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First of all, please try ReSharper 6.1.1, it's been a while since 5.1. If it fails, send me ( debug information from ReSharper -> Options -> Tools -> External Sources -> Show support information.

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I should've known. That did the job, thanks. Now I only have to convince
management to buy Re#6 ;)


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