SDK documentation for availability testing

I just started trying to develop an internal plugin for ou needs. It's not much, but we need to mark certain members with certain xml doc attributes under certain circumstances (vague enough for you?). Anyway, I have followed some of the tutorials, intros, samples and blogs and got started. The provided unit tests framework is just awesome. Being able to test the plugin without even having to fire up VS is just great and efficient.
However, I am struggling to understand the syntax for those availability tests. The doc for Testing only metions {caret}, {selstart},etc. However, the default cs file in the Sample Plugin (SamplePlugin\test\data\Intentions\ContextActions\UseIntMaxValue\availability01.cs) contains {on} and {of} markups. Where do I find documentation for those? How do I run all of those? (the sample calls "DoOneTest(filename)" so I am not sure it runs all of them.
Thanks in advance for all the info. If we can start writing plugins for Resharper, this could save us a bunch of time for our large code base. Thanks for opening the API guys!



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