Javascript Reference: missing functionality

New guy here. I've been a user of Resharper for many years. My latest projects concentrate on client-side development (JavaScript). I've taken advantage and greatly appreciate Resharper's support for refactoring/navigating JS. I'm having issues with the /// <reference directive. It seems to be missing capabilities provided out of the box by MS. Specifically two features spring to mind:

1. The ability to reference .js files embedded within external assemblies by using the name & assembly attributes like so:
     /// <reference name="resource-name" assembly="assembly-name" />

I've got JS libraries embedded throughout many assemblies that I need to reference for the sake of intelliSense. I have server-side code (C#) which actually injects/renders the HTML script tags automatically. So run-time everything works but the development process is lacking the wonderful world of intelliSense. I've created a ridiculous work-around of creating "stub" js files which I copy into my local project for referencing.

2. The second issue I'm having is that my references are not "chained" (for lack of better description). If file B.js has a reference to A.js and file C.js has a reference to B.js, Resharper still requires an explicit reference to A.js by C.js. MS's built-in engine does not. It can recursively build the list of intelliSense. It makes maintaining references immensely easier. Just by moving or renaming a file I must perform a cascading edit/replace.

Has anyone had simlar concerns? Should these features be working?


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