Upgrade from 5.X to 6.X expectations


Besides licensing costs, we're looking at upgrading from 5.X to 6.X.

That anyone knows of, what issues might we encounter with that upgrade?

Anyone out there with a testimony around that activity?

Thank you...

Best regards,


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Lots of new features for sure

Check out the threads in this forum , specifically "Resharper Performance" , its in the Popular Threads bit on the RHS

Bottom line is with Win 32 and only 4gb of RAM Available, big solutions throw Out of Memory exceptions. You will see commentary from me and others

Also look at the thread re the bugs outstanding in V6 as we prepare to move to V7 , again very pertinent

My advise is proceed with caution , and test as  thoroughly as you can with your biggest and most complex solutions


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Well, it's unfornature but R#6.x is not something I can recommend on for the time being, it's time for JetBrains to shape up and really fix some of its major bugs, then I'll definitely recommend on it as a tool.

Currently, R#5.x performs better and is less buggy, at least in my experience.

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I agree with Eyal , if it did what it should there is nothing else out there to touch it . The big rider is the IF.

I have tried all combinations and all the other IDE add ins but the definitive tool is R# .

Jet Brains really need to come to the party and put this tool right.

I really do not want to upgrade to win 7 64 and big RAM just to use it



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