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My company uses a 3rd party library which we are having trouble with. Specifically, this library is throwing exceptions, preventing it from working correctly. We are having a very difficult time getting support from this outside vendor, as the source is closed and their developers seem to be incapable of locating their own bugs.

I remember reading somewhere a whole back that JetBrains was going to continue developing their decompiler (DotPeek) so and integrating it with ReSharper/Visual Studio so that you could step into decompiled code.This would be ideal for us as it would allow us to pinpoint exactly where these exceptions are coming from so we could tell this vendor where and how to fix their code to make it work properly.

So my question is: is this still the plan to integrate decompilation/"step into" into the debugging process of Visual Studio? If so, what is the timeline for this? This would be a huge benefit to a lot of companies who face these kinds of situations.

On an additional note: some of this 3rd party library we use has code written in a non-English language, so any decompilation would ideally be able to use only English characters.

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Hello Sam
     At the moment I'm unable to tell you when exactly this feature becomes available. You're welcome to monitor the status of the following request:

Andrey Serebryansky

Senior Support Engineer

JetBrains, Inc

"Develop with pleasure!"

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Reflector Pro and Just Code already have this feature



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