Resharper 6.1 not working with MSpec

Hi Guys,
I have recently been interested in doing BDD and I would like to use MSpec with R# 6.1 which is already installed. However I can't seem to get it to work. I have downloaded and executed the relevant batch file for Resharper 6.1 (InstallResharperRunner.6.1 - VS2010.bat) file located in the MSpec directory and it seems to add the Run test option. However when I run test it always shows success even when Assert should fail,

I have no idea how to set this up and I am new to MSpec so kindly can anyone help me.

I have attached a screen shot (igone the test case names for now just testing) which shows I am asserting two values that are not equal but R# says test passed.

What am I missing?


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Replace the .Assert.ShouldEqual call with just a .ShouldEqual call.  With mspec, you normally do not use the Assert class at all - all tests are done using the Should* extension methods directly of the object being checked.



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Thanks David for your reply,

Yeah using the MSpec syntax works, I guess I will rephrase my question how do I get it to work with NUnit and which version of NUnit is supported by Resharper 6.1.
I want to use it with NUnit 2.6.

Best Regards,

Afraz Ali

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AFAIK MSpec does not run under NUnit - it has it's own test runner and does not use the NUnit framework at all.


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