License server DNS lookup troubles

We have a DNS TXT entry _jetbrains-license-server.<FQDN>. This worked so far. Now some clients were moved to a different IP subnet (but same DNS servers etc.) and now cannot auto-discover the ReSharper License Server URL anymore?!

If the URL http://<hostname>:8080/licenseServer is entered manually, the clients are able to contact the license server and they get their license.

But configured with auto-discovery, it doesn't work anymore. The error message when starting Visual Studio suggests that the client tries to resolve jetbrains-license-server.<FQDN> WITHOUT underscore? Is that possible?

nslookup q=txt _jetbrains-license-server.<FQDN> returns the correct URL: text="url=http://<hostname>:8080/licenseServer"

License server Build #288. There are no entries in the Apache/Tomcat access-log when configured with auto-discover, so the clients actually are not reaching/resolving the license server.

Any ideas?!

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