Spaces around || and && operators

I'm evaluating ReSharper 6 with C# (I'm using currently R#2). I'd like to achieve the code should looks like this:

if ((this.GridContainer.GridMode == eGridModes.Details   &&   this.DetailsEnableOperationAdd)   ||  
          ((this.GridContainer.GridMode == eGridModes.Header   ||   this.GridContainer.GridMode == eGridModes.SingleGrid)   &&   this.DetailsEnableOperationAdd)) {

I'd like to set the number of spaces between && and the || operators (it makes the code more clear to me to understand by separating the operands).
Currently you can set that put, or do not put space around the operators (Options \ Code Editing \ C# \ Formatting Style \ Spaces \ Around operators \ Logical operators)

Is this possible, or am I trying to set up something, that is not supported currently?

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     I'm afraid at the moment it's only possible to tell ReSharper whether to insert spaces or not. You're welcome to add a feature request at Thank you!

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