Excessive Memory Use for SharePoint Solutions with more than 6-8 Projects

I've reported this to support but I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem.

We have a relatively new SharePoint solution. It has a dozen or so projects, 8 of which are SharePoint projects. After installing ReSharper 7, this solution has become unusable on start-up - hanging on “processing source files” at startup.
We began investigating and found that opening one empty SharePoint project with no code balloons memory usage up from <200MB to 1GB, setting back down to 545MB. The files it appears to be processing appear to be SharePoint assets.

Adding a second empty (but existing) SharePoint project fires off the "processing source files" process all over again – processing what appears to be the same files. Memory use balloons to 1.5GB and settles back to 744MB.

Adding a third more SharePoint projects causes the “processing source process” to repeat. By the 4th, memory is up to 2GB. It seems that each project causes the same files to be processed over and over.

When we try to open the existing solution that has all 8 SharePoint projects – memory balloons to > 3GB.  Apparently each of the projects causes the “processing source file” process on the same large set of files to start simultaneously. At this point, VS becomes unresponsive; eventually ReSharper gets an out of memory error.

So -it appears when there are enough SharePoint projects in a solution; each project causes the same SharePoint source files to be processed simultaneously, causing a failure on a SharePoint solution. The break point is somewhere between 6-8 projects.


Is anyone else experiencing this problem and - if so - identified any workarounds?



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One follow-up - ReSharper 6.1.1 - while re-intoducing other problems with Sharepoint projects - does not exhibit this behavior.  So falling back to this version is a - hopefully short term - workaround.

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we already found several severe memory leaks and the fix will be available quite soon.


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