Resharper IntelliSense

I'm having some major performance problems with Resharper's Intellisense.

No matter what I do with the Resharper IntelliSense, whenever I start typing the response speed is VERY slow.  It takes about a second of time from the moment I click the keyboard button to when it shows up on the screen.  It seems to slow down the longer my line gets and the more I type.

This only happens when the Resharper IntelliSense is turned on, and seems okay when I'm using the Visual Studio intellisense.

My screen resolution is at 1920x1200 on a 28" monitor. When I lower the resolution or make the Visual Studio window smaller, the speed of typing response with Resharper IntelliSense works well, but as the window gets larger (or resolution gets larger), the response time seems to slow down.

I wasn't have this issue before the upgrade and before I installed the Productivity Power Tools (around the same time I upgraded to  If I Suspend Resharper, the typing speed seems to run normal again.

I don't know if this has anything to do with the Power Tools or not.  If so, is there a way to make these guys play nice with one another as I need features in both these tools.


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Hello Sean
     Do I understand correctly that you haven't tried disabling Power Tools and checking if this might help yet? Thank you!

Andrey Serebryansky

Senior Support Engineer

JetBrains, Inc

"Develop with pleasure!"

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Yes -- after disabling power tools completely.

I still have very slow response time.

Now, something I didn't mention before, which might be important is that the environment that I am working in is virtualized (VMWare).  When I run my desktop directly from the server, it seems everything works fine.

However, when I am virtualized into the system (which most of our developers do this), it is very slow (every since we upgraded to the version mentioned).


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it is very slow for me when jquery is included


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