Upgrade from 6 to 7 Costs almost the same as purchasing 6

I am annoyed that a product I purchased from you earlier this year I now have to purchase AGAIN.

The price being quoted to upgrade my R#6 to R#7 is almost as much as I paid in the first place.
As a long time user on many versions of R# I feel let down by the upgrade path.

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Just currious but what upgrade path are you following?

I found the upgrade price from 6 to 7 was very reasonable, IMO.

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Hello Paul,

First of all, when exactly did you purchase your previous license? Purchases on or after June 1 are free upgrades to v7. If you just missed this deadline, please contact a JetBrains sales rep who will work out a solution for you.

Now, if you're not covered with the free upgrade opportunity, an upgrade from v6 to v7 (which is fully optional btw) costs 60% of new license price which is our standard upgrade rate. If you're seeing that your upgrade rate is higher than 60% and provided that you didn't use a custom discount on your recent purchase, this shouldn't be the case, and again, contacting JetBrains sales should solve the problem.

If you have already contacted JetBrains sales and you're not satisfied with a reply from them,. please let me know. You can drop me an e-mail to Jura.Gorohovsky at jetbrains.com explaining the problem if you like.

Thank you


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