Why isn't Resharper Smart Enough to Learn my Preferences on the Fly

I love ReSharper and I'm able to ignore a lot of hints even after tweaking the template...lets face it, even if you tweak the rules engine there will be stuff that R# still does that you  may not personally prefer.  And yes, you can go tweak that via the 100s of options in the R# tool menu but that's not my point.

My point is this begs the question why haven't you guys made ReSharper more like MS word for example where it will surpress doing certain things after learning your habits on what you like or do not like naturally as you code over time?

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Well, obviously there are some limitations on the VS side, иге we're always improving usability side of ReSharper. Coding, however, is not so obvious in terms of 'learning the habits', when it comes to 'prediction' things. But, for example, reSharper IntelliSense will hightlight most used items first, when there are several completion symbols in the list.

I agree, that it would be a great coding experience with all kinds of predictions, but it's just not so easy to do this without too many false-positives and irritations.


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