ReSharper 7.0.1 Settings

Can someone help clarify my confusion on the issue of where the caches are
stored? At the moment when I open a solution, the caches are stored in the
solution folder and I don't understand why.

I select Manage Options from the ReSharper menu, right click on either
"Solution 'name' personal" or "Solution 'name' team-shared", and select
Reset, it shows "There are no settings defined in this context."

If I right click on "This computer", and select Edit, I see that "Store
caches in" has "System TEMP folder" selected.

It looks to me as if the cache should be stored in the System TEMP folder,
but ReSharper always creates the cache in the solution folder for some
reason I can't explain.

I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but if I right click
"Solution 'name' personal" or "Solution 'name' team-shared" and select Edit,
ReSharper has "Solution Folder" checked for "Store caches in".



Setting 'System TEMP folder' on 'This Computer' level of settings will force ReSharper to store caches in TEMP folder for new solution only. To set this setting for existing solutions, you need to save the setting for 'Solution Personal' level (e.g. Save To -> Solution Personal). This should do the trick.



Thanks, Alex. This makes sense, but I think I just found what's really
confusing me. Before the update, I had ReSharper 6 set to the store the
cache in the system temp folder so the _ReSharper folders never appeared in
the solution folder.

At some point after updating to ReSharper 7, I found
ReSharper.<solutionname> folder in my solution folders and I had assumed
that ReSharper 7 mysteriously moved the cache to the solution folder for
some reason even though the settings haven't changed. I did a bit more
digging and found that with ReSharper 7, there's a
ReSharper.<solutionname> folder in the solution folder and a
ReSharper. Solution Personal). This should do the


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