redirects from app.config ignored during unit testing in resharper 7.0 & Vs2012

I have a few assembly redirects in my app.conifg file. Mstest in 2012 works with these redirects as long as I add any .testconfig file to my solution and select it due to a workaround for a 2012 bug. In any case, resharper is set to use test run configuration specified in the metadata file [solution_name].vsdmi. I also tried setting it specifically. However, I'm not sure these methods make any sense because the testconfig file is just a workaround anyway to get 2012 looking at the app.config. Resharper tests continually fail because they can't load the redirected assemblies, when the assemblies they're redirect to are located in the test project's output folder. Again, Mstest works fine now. It looks like there was an old bug in resharper 5 or 6 that was fixed having to do with this. Did this come up again in 7.0? Is there something I'm missing? Anybody else have this issue?

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Hi Chris,

fix for this problem will be available in the next 7.1 EAP nightly build.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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