Disable ReSharper Parameter Info

Is there a way to disable the Parameter Info and go back to standard VS parameter info? The resharper one doesn't work for me. If I set it to use arrow keys those only move the intellisense variable window. If I set it to ctrl-p, that only brings up the print window. So the only way to scroll through the parameter info list in resharper for me is to use mouse clicks which is absolutely unacceptable. I would prefer the standard VS parameter info since it at least functions correctly. Is there a way to do that?

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Hello Matt,

Currently it's not possible. There are only two options:
- Use ReSharper IntelliSense and Parameter Info.
- Use native VS IntelliSense and Parameter info.
Unfortunately there's no way to use R# IntelliSnese and VS Parameter information.

However, I beleive the shortcut for Ctrl+P is initially set to 'Print' - could you please try to map the command for another shortcut in the "Tools | options | environment | keyboard" dialog and check if it would work?



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