Bug in this forum software : Approved post on edit will go back to be moderated and hide status

Bug in this forum software : Approved post on edit it hidden will go back to moderate and hide status and then if approved appear back as the original un-edited version.

I made a post two days ago, which was approved around 12 hours later. When it I could see it in the discussion list I noticed some annoying typos and a part needing some clarification. I clicked edit and improved it. Then on update I get a warning that I'm not allowed to edit it. The post is now missing from the dicussion list. Around 12 hours later I get an email that my post is approved. I just checked it and it is the same original post with the typos.. So I try to repair those and hit the update, the same error message and my post is missing again.

Is there anyway to repair this bevahiour?

If over an hour of 12 it gets approved again, I'm going to delete it and rerun the post with improved text.

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Thanks for the report. It's a by-design behavior, since the approved post can be edited to any kind of 'spam' content and needs to be reviewed again before publishing.

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Ok thanks. But then after the second approval the old content comes to surface. Not the edited content.


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