Resharper License Gray Area Question

Okay, so here's my situation.

I'm considering buying Resharper for my father for Christmas. He'll be using the license for fun, for an upcoming university class, and, as it happens, for a startup company that him and I are most likely going to go forward with (We'd be the only employees for a long while out).

So my question is this:

If I want the license owned by him, not the company (thus not transferable), can I buy a personal license for him to own and keep, and then can he use this for-profit coding later on?

Alternatively, if I buy a company license for him, can he continue to use the license if the company no longer exists?

If I do buy it for him, I will likely make the purchase for myself, so the question would extend to me as well.


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Hello Canin,

Very nice choice for a christmas present!

Answering your questions:
1. Yes, your farther may use his Personal License for any needs - fun coding, studying, non-profit and profit developement.
2. I would suggest to contact our sales team at with the Commercial License usage question, I honestly don't know what is allowed or not in this scenario...

Hope this helps.
Thank you!


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