Resharper test runner not copying file to output

Hi, i've upgraded to build 7.1.1000.900 today, and now when i use the resharper test runner to run my mstest tests, some of them fail as a required file in the solution is not being copied to the output directory.

I have a VS2012, .Net 4.5, solution which has entity framework generated edmx.sql file for the schema, which i execute in one of my test files to generate a fresh database for some tests.

This file is no longer being coped to the output directory to then get run, by the resharper test runner.

If i run the tests in MS Test through VS2012 then it all still works ok.

This morning when i had the previous version of resharper ( i could run the tests via resharers test runner.

Shall i just uninstall and go back to the previous version?

Has anyone else seen this?


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Hello Matt,

Thanks for the report. It is a known issue for us here:

Please use the previous version for now if this issue is critical for you.
We apologizer for the inconvenience.



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