Naming Style and Type


Is it possible to define Naming Styles depending on data types? The rule is, that integer-params always start with i, string with s, decimal with c,....
When I create a method, the params should have the same name like the variables at procedure-call.

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that post talks about massive change with language and stuff,
my need is more basic, its string, int,double and bool, all the other must get letter 'o'

i dont think i'll have time to write a plug in for so simple request.... :(

may be it possible to create a shurtcuts in custom naming style window like "type(1)" in prefix will mean the object type first letter or "type(1,3)" will mean types first and third letter, after all every varible has a type... if not no prefix will be created.
I think that way the customisation will be more efficent???

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There's no such possibility for that in ReSharper, it is available only via custom ReSharper plugin.
We apologize for the inconvenience.



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