Code issues on same code differ

I am evaluating Resharper free evaluation 7.1.1 version on a Windows Forms application made up by nine different projects, grouped into a single solution. I use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.
I see that if I run the "Inspect code issues in current project" every day, on the same code, the results differ: for example, if a day I find 9500 issues, the day after i Find 9520. This despite no change has been done to code !
Anybody could explain a possible reason for this apparently incorrect ReSharper behaviour ??

Thanks a lot !

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Hello Stefano,

Thanks for the report. Actually, it is a known behavior for ReSharper, since the actual amount of Code Issues in solution may differ because of Code Analysis applied for searching for the issues.
Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided.

We apologize for the inconvenenice.

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thanks for the response.


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