Renaming inside ascx files does not work properly


I got another problem during renaming inside of ascx files.

When I want to rename an ID value of an element inside of an ascx file at least all third or fourth try first I've to save the file before it is possible. As U can see in the attached screenshot as an example I emptied the name (even I can try to enter a new different ID) and still there is the error provider icon on the right. The old ID "pnlBestellen" is deleted and I wanted it to be replaced by "PanelOrder" but it will not work until I saved the ascx file.

Because I've to do endless renamings in this horrible project it is really annoying that is does not work like it should. If I've to do renaming in CS files there's no problem and I can do it without saving the file after each third rename.

Does this problem just occures at my system or is it a know bug?

Sighing greetings


ReSharper 7.1.1 bug when renaming in ASCX files.png
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Hello Reiner,

Thanks for the report, however I can;t understand what is the original issue... ReSharper will not allow to do the rename if the name field is emty (that's why it indicated the "block" icon in the top right corner of the rename field).
What will happen if you enter the desired name and apply the rename refactoring?

Thank you!

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Hi Alex,no this has nothing to do with the empty field, even if I wrote something different from the old value it is not possible to change the value. First I've to save the file and then start the rename dialog again.BTW, I did not find any possibility to change my password for this forum. Do am I blind?So now I've to write a bug report to WebStorms XSD validation, that has a bug and accepts an invalid sequence of elements.Explaining greetingsReiner

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