Only overrides of method are used warning on abstract method in abstract class

I am using build 7.1.1000.900 in VS2012

I have the following declaration:

    public abstract class PuzzleGetter {
        abstract public IPuzzle GetPuzzle();

with the following implementation:

    public class AcrosticPuzzleGetter : PuzzleGetter {

        public override IPuzzle GetPuzzle() {
            return new AcrosticPuzzle();

where AcrosticPuzzle is an IPuzzle.

R# provided the declaration for GetPuzzle because of the implementation of PuzzleGetter.

In the abstract declaration, the Bold 'GetPuzzle' shows a pop up message that reads "Only overrides of 'GetPuzzle' are used".  The Quick Fixes suggest removing, which breaks the AcrosticPuzzleGetter; and implementing, which returns the message 'nothing to implement'.

Code builds and runs, but I'm not sure what this warning is trying to tell me and what I should do about it.



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