Naming Conventions

Version 7.1.2

For some reason, when I'm working in WPF (XAML) and I add an Event, resharper suggests a name for that EventHandler method in the format


what I would prefer is button1_Click (the way VS does it)

I've never seen 'On' bolted on to the EventHandler method name before so I don't know why Resharper seems to do this by default. Is it an internal JetBrains convention?

Anyway I've tried to changing it the Options but they are so confusing so I thought I'd try here to see if someone here could show me EXACTLY how to do it
(as in a step by step description).

Also, is there a setting that forces Resharper to use the naming conventions that Visual Studio uses as its defaults?


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Yep, go to ReSharper -> Options -> Code Editing: C# -> C# Naming Style -> Advanced settings. You can set the naming format for event handlers there.
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Well that's the problem. I don't know EXACTLY what I'm supposed to be changing and what I'm supposed to change it to.

I thought it was one of the following two -

Event subscriptions on fields: which is set to $object$_$event$
Event subscriptions on this: which is set to $event$Handler

but as you can see there isn't a 'On' in sight.


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