Problems With Keyboard Shortcuts

Coming from PHPStorm, I find the configuration of Resharper's keyboard shortcuts EXTREMELY frustrating. Why are the commands not called the same thing as they are called in the menu? I cannot find the command for Next Issue in keyboard shortcuts. I've tried Next Error, Next Occurrence, nothing works.


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I beleive you're searching for 'ReSHarper | Inspect | Next/Previous Issue in File' commands. Keyboard command for it is 'ReSharper_GotoNextHighlight' / 'ReSharper_GotoPrevHighlight' in the "Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard".

Hope this helps.
Thank you!

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Thanks. I swear I tried those before and they did not work, but yes, those are the ones. Why the heck don't they name them the same as what's in the menu??? Geeez.


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