Handlebars support in ReSharper

I'm starting using EmberJS for browser development. Is there a plugin or a way to activate Handlebars suport?

Either detecting the file extensions (.handlebars / .hbr ...) or code inside

<script type="text/x-handlebars" ...>


I'm using Resharper 7 (build 7.1.3000.2254) in Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 with ASP.NET Web Tools 2012.2.

At the moment I get errors on handlebar syntax elements like {{ }} helpers:
Thanks for any advice!

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Hello Stefan,

1. Could you please press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+8 on this file to turn ReSharper code analysis off and check if the warnings still present/are gone to verify if it's ReSharper issue or not?
2. If the warnings are gone after #1, could you please create and attach here a small smaple solution, which will demonstrate this issue?
Thank you in advance!


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