How to tell ReSharper not to add certain namespaces

Hi all,

If I have a class Account in the Product.Data.XX namespace and I'm currently working in the Product.Data.YY namespace I could either write var foo = new XX.Account() or add the Product.Data.XX namespace to the list and just write var foo = new Account().

It seems like in the current version of RS it automatically adds the Product.Data.XX to the using list. What I would like is for RS to either ask me if I want that namespace (Product.Data.XX) in the using list (I almost never do) or just automatically NOT add it to the list. In previous versions I believe it would ask you what you wanted. The new version tries to be too helpful. I saw in the options a way to always keep certain namespaces, but not a way to never add one.

So, is there a way for me to have var foo = new XX.Account() and keep it that way? Right now I have to constantly fight RS by going and fixing the changes it makes.



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