Move to resource: Silverlight class library

I am making a Silverlight class library that can be referenced by my Silverlight app as well as some server-side code.

I created a resx file in my project, and set ReSharper properties for the project to allow localization (Pessmistic).

When I click on strings that ReSharper has found that can be localized (and it does show me a tooltip that says "Localizable string:..."), the Quick-fix dropdown does not show "Move to resource".  It only offers to convert to a verbatim string.

This implies that it does not recognize the .resx file in my project.  Is there something I can do to allow ReSharper to see my resx file and use it in this scenario?



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I believe the issue here was that I didn't have my resource file using the "Public" custom tool (PublicResXFileCodeGenerator).  The default setting for this field I think prevented ReSharper from seeing the resources.  


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