ReSharper 8 Rename Parameter Sluggishness

I just installed ReSharper 8 release and while working on a website project, I selected Rename on a parameter named value, entered a new name of defaultValue, and clicked Next. At this point ReSharper dug through every *.cs, *.aspx, *html, *.resx, and whatever other file it could find containing the text "value" somewhere. It then froze Visual Studio for about 10 minutes or so. I even tried clicking Cancel, but nothing happened. When it finally finished, it's asking if I want to rename 12,127 items in javascript comments, javascript strings, code comments, strings, 12,114 XML value tags in resource files, and HTML elements.

I think this has potential to be a nice feature, but at the moment it's way too aggressive and extremely slow with commonly-used names (like value) and this brings up a couple of questions:

1. Can this feature be disabled somewhere? I remember some of the older versions of ReSharper had an option to disable "rename usages in comments and string literals" but I haven' been able to find it in ReSharper 7 or 8.

2. Can this feature be significantly limited to what's it trying to "fix"?

I understand others may find this feature useful, but to me it just gets in the way given the time required to scan every file in the codebase.


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