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I generally like the product and originally bought a personal license at home to truely play with the tool. At home I run on a 64 bit Windows 7 OS, 8 GB RAM, with VS2012. I do not have issues with the 64 bit environment to date (7.1 resharper.)

I have convinced the office to let a couple of us use this product and we have since day one, have had issues with what appear to be memory leaks that caused us to have VS2010 freeze up using version 7.1 and had hoped for improvement in 8.0. The general symptoms were visible on one machine as running into video memory and 'buggering' up the resolution and monitor number (two monitor system.) Others just froze after having the VS product open over 24 hours. But honestly after not quite 2 days of use of 8.0, I swear this problem if far worse. I lock up on simple builds (of a rather large system.) and when doing unit tests. So far within 2 hours of each session. These require a reboot, to clear memory as logging out and back in does not seem to always clear the issues.

I do not dictate the environment at work. Here we have limits of a 32 bit Windows 7 environment, using VS2010. Of course, this means only 4GB of memory. I find it odd that no one else is reporting any issues in this forum. We have only 3 licenses here, but each of us experience the problem.

Sadly our code is fully "legacy" and trying to get unit tests into these large classes and clean things up is our goal. I truely like the product, but would like to know if there are any settings in ReSharper, or in VS2010, or in Windows 7 that can help us avoid these crashes at least for a day?

If anyone else has experienced anything like this I would love to hear how your resolved, or are resolving the issue.

Thanks in advance,

Kent G.

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We apologize for the inconvenience.

Unit Test freeze issue is known for ReSharper 8.0 - we're aware about it and are going to fix it in the next bugfix release - ReSharper 8.0.1.
Current solution is to downgrade to ReSharper 7.1.3 for now - your ReSharper 8.x keys will work with it just fine.

ReSharer 8.0.1 is going to be released as soon as it is ready, but hopefully it won't take more than a month for us to prepare it.



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