Unit Test Runner taking up all memory

I recently upgraded from 7.1 to 8.0 which when I noticed this problem.

While trying to run all 540 of my project's unit tests I noticed that the unit test runner was chewing up ever increasing amounts of my computer's memory, going almost to 100% Physical Memory usage. The runner itself was using ~2.6 GB of memory, and yet was pretty much stuck. I've closed and reopened Visual Studio, I've rebooted my computer, I've run only some of the tests at a time and yet the problem still occurs. Before I upgraded the tests would run just fine, without eating up all of my memory.

Any ideas?

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Hi Corey,

Unit Test issues with ReSHarper 8 is known for us now. We're preparing ReSharper 8.0.1 now, which should include some fixes regarding this matter.
For now, the only workaround is to downgrade to ReSharper 7.1.3.

We apologize fro the inconvenience.
Thank you!


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