ReSharper 8 and NUnit

Can't run NUnit tests. I created the new console application, added c# class library for .net 4, installed following NuGet packages into the library:
- NUnit
- NUnit Test Adapter for VS2012.

And added the code:

using NUnit.Core;
using NUnit.Framework;

public class Class1
    public void Test()
        NUnitFramework.Assert.AreEqual(true, true);

I can successfully run the test in Test Explorer (standard VS runner).
But if I run it in Resharper, I get the yellow icon and the message "Test wasn't run".

I have attached the related fragment from the log file.

Looks like xUnit extension is not working either (but works in VS Runner).
I am using ReSharper 8. Upgrade to 8.0.1 and settings reset doesn't help.
Is it a known issue?

Thank you.


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