Resharper Command Line Utilities: DupFinder.exe

So I've started playing with the command line utility DupeFinder.exe, and
have noticed a couple of things.  I may just be making mistakes here, or
there may be problems in functionality... so I'm posting here hoping for a
little guidance.

I've used the "/exclude:*Text.cs" option to try and exclude all .cs file
that end in "Test", but a lot are still getting through.  Is that syntax
right?  There are no examples anywhere I could find.  I tried a space
initially and got an error, so changed it to a colon, and it SEEMED to work,
except a great many "*Test.cs" files got through.

Also, is there any way to exclude all files under a given folder?

And finally, the output... I didn't find the ".xsl" folder you said was
included in the zip file, so I copied from the documentation I found here:


I then had to add a line to each output .xml file manually (any way to have
that line just be "there"?  Like, specify the xsl file name on the command
line just like we specify the output file name with the /output:filename

The resulting xml file could only be open and viewed in Firefox.  The latest
IE just shows a mash of text, and the latest Chrome just shows a blank page.
I'm assuming this should work in all browsers... was it only tested in

Any more help or tips on using this rather interesting and amazing tool
would be appreciated.  I'm just using it from the command line, on my local
box, not as part of any CI development process or MSBuild script, if that's


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