Feature Requests

Feature request for R#:
1) When R# provides warnings, one of the options in dealing with it should be "comment out the line, appending the warning text"
So that, for example, if that option were selected, this line:
int i = 0;
...would be:
//int i = 0; <-- R# says, "Local variable 'i' is only assigned but its value is never used"
2) Additionally, one should be able to select "append the warning text as a comment" so that this line:
private void DropAndDeleteFromTables(string recordType, string fileName)
...would be:
private void DropAndDeletePlatypusTables(string recordType, string fileName) // <-- R# says, "Method 'DropAndDeletePlatypusTables' is never used"
That way you could keep the code if you wanted, but still have a record of the warning, perhaps for later fine-tuning or to show in a code review. Or you could comment it out but not completely remove it for similar reasons.

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