Cleanup problem after adding new plugin

Hi guys,
After I added some plugin (pretty primitive, should change "string" to "String", "short" to "Int16", etc..) CleanUp Command (Ctrl+E+C) doesn't work. Whenever I remove a plugin with Options it works again.Products are Resharper 8.0, VS 2012. Plugin is compiled with .Net 4.0.

The plugin itself seems to be working (it's attached) - I checked it with JetBrains UnitTest Framework with .cs, files, etc..

I saved the dll to C:\Users\{USER_NAME}\AppData\Roaming\JetBrains\ReSharper\vAny\Plugins\WeSee

What could be the problem?


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This usually means your plugin is causing an exception during creation, which can have a knock on effect to surrounding features. ReSharper normally silently ignores exceptions, but if you're writing plugins, you should either install a checked build (highly recommended) or at the least, run in internal mode.

A checked build is exactly the same as a production build, but includes extra diagnostics - asserts that are compiled out of the production code are called, and exceptions are reported by default. You can download a checked build from the downloads archive page.

Alternatively (and additionally), you can run ReSharper in internal mode. The asserts and checks aren't run when you do this with a production build, but it does enable exception reporting. You run this using:

devenv.exe /ReSharper.Internal

Once you see the exception, it should hopefully be fairly straight forward to fix. A common mistake is to create a component with "shell" scope/lifetime, and try to pass in a component of "solution" scope/lifetime.

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