Navigate between loosely related classes based on naming convention

In my current project we have many parts where we have something as follows:

    var request = new ThingRequest {someId = };
    ThingResponse response = dispatcher.Get<ThingResponse>(request);

Where dispatcher fetches a class with the name ThingRequestHandler that handles the actual logic.

    public class ThingRequestHandler : RequestHandler<ThingRequest, ThingResponse>

This system is great for keeping it SOLID but I'm having trouble navigating easily.
Currently I use R# to goto class and -as I now the class name to follow convention- manually type the class name.
This usually works but makes my head jump from thinking about the problem to thinking about a class name.

I would love to be able to navigate to my ThingRequestHandler from my dispatcher.Get line with one keystroke or click.
Is there a way Visual studio 2012, R# or any other plugin or macro would help me do this?

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