Bug: Long namespaces aren't completely visible in Move Type To dropdown

Problem is that dropdown list has fixed width and long namespaces couldn't be completely visible.


So in that case I should either just guess or try to accomplish that with autocomplete functionality.

I wanted to move type to some folder under iDesign.Joono.CampaignManager.PresentationModels project. So if I don't know which folder exactly should be then I have a trouble because this autocomplete doesn't provide namespaces when you type "iDesign.Joono.CampaignManager.PresentationModels." when you expect to see all iDesign.Joono.CampaignManager.PresentationModels.* namespaces.

It shows "iDesign.Joono.CampaignManager.PresentationModels.Export" only when I type "export" but doesn't show when I type "iDesign.Joono.CampaignManager.PresentationModels."

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